Ellie decided to become a teacher when she realised that schools would pay her to combine the two things she loved the most: history and the sound of her own voice.

After a few years she could no longer deny her third love: food. No one would pay her to witter on about food and history, so she decided to do it for free here in this blog instead.

To date, she has achieved exactly zero culinary qualifications, although she did manage a history degree. This means that she often gets very excited when reading historical recipes but very angry (and messy) when trying to recreate them.

What People Say

Bloody hell, I’m not eating that.

Elsa Wibblegob, cherished friend.

Oh, this is another one of your “things”, isn’t it.

“No, you can’t use my name”, Ellie’s mother.

Make whatever you want, just don’t expect me to clean the kitchen afterwards.

Cillian Murphy, Ellie’s husband.

Her top 5 meals are lasagne, bangers and mash, chicken chaat, cocopops, and custard creams. She’s been told some of those things aren’t meals, but suspects that’s false information.

When she’s not cooking or writing (or teaching), she can usually be found at home, talking about herself in third person and eating biscuits under the stairs so she doesn’t have to share them with her toddler or husband.

E x

I’m the baby. Not anymore, obviously.